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Many people are plagued by a fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia, and in many cases, this is for good reason. Even though several kinds of spiders help decrease the number of insects overpopulating our neighborhoods, spiders of all varieties belong in the great outdoors, not in your home. In addition, there are some spiders, such as the black widow, which can cause horrible infections and swelling that can create long-term pain or even death. Yet even though you may not encounter a black widow, an infestation of any kind of spider is a terrible nuisance.

This is why you should get in touch with Green Magic Pest Control LLC right away if you suspect that the spider population has risen suddenly in your home. We can offer you comprehensive, effective Chandler, AZ spider control so that your house can stay web-free for good.

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Types of Spiders We Can Eliminate

When you see a spider lurking in your kitchen or bathroom, your first instinct is probably to squash it, not deeply analyze its different markings. It is important to know that there are different spiders that have unique effects on humans. Wolf spiders, for example, look big and scary and are often mistaken for tarantulas. Yet these spiders are harmless to humans, in comparison to the deadly black widow. The consequences of being bitten by a black widow could result in month-long pain and swelling, or in certain cases, can even lead to death.

Whether you are being plagued by black widows or are simply annoyed at constantly finding the mess of common house spiders weaving their webs in every corner of your house, we can offer complete treatment.

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Methods for Controlling a Spider Infestation

While spiders are helpful in getting rid of flies and other small insects, they are not anyone’s idea of good roommates. When it comes time to get rid of a current infestation, our knowledgeable experts have many options to protect you and your house. By using a combination of innovative techniques, our exterminators can eradicate your spider problem without hurting humans, pets, or the environment.

Just some of the methods we can use to keep spiders at bay include:

  • Sealing up holes or cracks where spiders can get inside
  • Checking that all screens are properly fixed outside of windows, doors, and vents so that spiders cannot enter
  • Creating either an artificial or a natural barrier from advanced pesticide options
  • Placing treatment in hot spots where spiders often gather or lay their eggs
  • Using options such as glue boards and monitors to draw spiders into a trap, where they stick to a glue-like substance

Experts You Can Trust

When you want to eradicate pests from your home, time is of the essence. You can trust our devoted team at Green Magic Pest Control LLC to rapidly exterminate spiders from your property before they create an even larger infestation. Rely on us to offer powerful Chandler, AZ spider control for your home and yard.

Call us today at (480) 418-8124 or contact us online and we can set up an initial, free estimate about spider treatment in Chandler, AZ.

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