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While getting stung by a scorpion is very unpleasant, not all of them are deadly. In the Southwestern part of the United States, however, there is one type of scorpion that possesses venom that is extremely hazardous to humans. Because it is so common in our state, the scorpion is even named the Arizona Bark Scorpion – and if people get an allergic reaction to it, the results can have fatal consequences. Not only are these scorpions “armed and dangerous”, but they are extremely resilient, able to survive for seven to eight years.

An infestation of these long-living pests can quickly get out of hand, which is why you should call Green Magic Pest Control LLC as soon as you notice one of these invaders at your home. For complete Chandler scorpion control, our experts have got you covered, so that you can feel safe and secure on your own property.

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Why Am I Finding Scorpions In My House?

Scorpions are attracted to specific areas that meet their natural needs. The main reasons scorpions would enter a home or business is because they are searching for darkness, water, food, and shelter. Most often, scorpions enter a building through the pipe drains and plumbing systems. This is why they are most often spotted in kitchens and bathrooms. If scorpions have found their way into your home or business, contact Green Magic Pest Control LLC to request an estimate for our Chandler scorpion control services.

How To Prevent Scorpions From Coming Up Through Drains

With it being very common for scorpions to come up through pipe drains, many homeowners wonder how to prevent them from entering their homes. The simple solution is to once a week pour 1-2 tablespoons of bleach down your drains. Another tip would be to keep the areas under sinks clean and uncluttered to keep scorpions from hiding in those areas. Also, keep plastic bins shut with lids so scorpions can't climb into them.

Do Scorpions Have Nests?

Yes, scorpions establish nests to spend the day in. Scorpions do not prefer to come out during the day. Instead, they like to stay in hidden corners when the sun is out, and then become more active during the night. While rocks, brush, and other debris make good nesting spots, scorpions are known to enter houses, tucking themselves away in clothing and shoes or beneath furniture. Discovering a scorpion nest by accident is a nasty surprise, so be wary if you have cement block or brick walls, or attics and crawlspaces with openings leading to dark nooks and crannies.

Scorpion Blacklight Treatment

Thanks to the innovation of cutting-edge research and technology, there are many excellent ways of getting rid of scorpions. Our team is highly trained in the innovative method of blacklight treatment. The way this works is that scorpions have a small cuticle in their exoskeleton known as a “hyaline”. This reacts to UV light, making scorpions visible to UV-operated detectors at night. Our dedicated professionals can utilize this process to find and eliminate all scorpions and their offspring from their nests.

As we prepare the blacklight process, you can expect our knowledgeable team to:

  • Thoroughly examine your property to look for potential scorpion hideouts
  • Use blacklight technology to search hot spots where scorpions are hiding
  • Eliminate current scorpions and their nests
  • Record precise locations of past hide-outs to ensure that scorpions do not return

Say Goodbye to Scorpions—Call Green Magic Pest Control Today!

No one wants scorpions hiding out in their lawn or their house. When you want comprehensive Chandler scorpion control, just reach out to our team. Not only can we eliminate all of the current scorpions living on your property, but we can protect you from future problems too. We can even provide scorpion control options that are friendly to humans, pets, and even the environment – the only thing they damage are the scorpions invading your home.

Call us today at (480) 418-8124 or contact us online to find out why Green Magic Pest Control LLC is the superior choice for getting rid of scorpions.

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