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Not only are they the largest family of mammals in the world, but rats, mice, and other rodents are also some of the most stubborn, resilient pests that homeowners are likely to encounter. Even though rodents are part of the natural circle of life outside, they definitely do not belong inside your home (unless they are of the domestic variety that lives in a cage). Wild mice and rats, squirrels and chipmunks, and many other rodents like them might be some of the most dangerous mammals for human health as well. Even though some rodents look cute, the diseases they carry can make you and your household extremely sick.

The moment you begin to suspect that rodents are infesting your home, get in touch with Green Magic Pest Control LLC. We can provide the rapid rodent control in Chandler that you need to protect yourself against rodent-carried illnesses.

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Tell-Tale Signs You Have Rodent Problems

Rodents are very hardy animals, capable of not just surviving but thriving even in the worst conditions. These adaptable creatures live off of any scraps they can find, enjoying their fill of human food and contaminating it with their droppings simultaneously. It is important to know where you may find signs of rats so that you can alert our team immediately, and we can get started on effective rodent control in your home. If there are signs of wires, paper, ducts, furniture, or any food containers that have been gnawed, you potentially have a major rat issue on your hands. If you notice their small droppings laying around, give our team a call right away.

Locating & Eliminating Rodent Populations

The trouble with rodents is they never come alone, and they always make more. In a single year, a female rat usually has six litters, each consisting of usually 8 to 12 babies. After only nine weeks, these “babies” are ready to have litters of their own. In one year, two rats can increase to an infestation of over 1,250 rats. To eradicate this serious problem, our knowledgeable exterminators will not only set traps and baits to eliminate grown rats but will search for hot spots to destroy so that rats do not return to a nest.

Some places where rodents like to turn into a nest include:

  • Under the floorboards
  • Inside trash bins
  • Behind tubs and showers
  • Next to water heaters and furnaces
  • Underneath cabinets, countertops, and cupboards
  • Inside furniture and appliances
  • Inside ceiling and wall insulation
  • Inside crawlspaces, cellars, or attics
  • In the engines and exhaust pipes and cars
  • Under bushes, tree roots, and tall grass that has not been mowed

Protection by Professionals

Rats and mice and other rodents are not just normal pests. When humans come in contact with the saliva, droppings, and urine of rats, they can get hantaviruses, which cause terrible respiratory and muscular diseases. The consequences can be long-lasting and excruciating. Do not delay in reaching out to our professionals at Green Magic Pest Control LLC for devoted service.

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