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After a long day of work, most of us just want to come home and relax. The place where we rest our weary heads should be one of peace and solitude. Unfortunately, there is a pest that can turn a relaxing time into anything but – the nasty little invader known as a bed bug. These tiny nuisances turn your bedding, pillows, and mattresses into their sanctuary, spreading their eggs, droppings, and harmful bacteria where you sleep. They also cause painful bites, which can lead to unpleasant scarring.

These bugs are also notoriously hard to get rid of. If just a couple manage to snag onto your backpack while you travel, or buried into furniture you are purchasing, you will soon have a substantial infestation in your home. Reach out to our team at Green Magic Pest Control LLC for rapid, thorough Chandler bed bug control.

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Where Bed Bugs Make Their Home

Despite their name, bed bugs actually hide out in a lot of places. While it is true that they enjoy the warm, dark depths of your covers, pillows, sheets, and mattress, really any crack or crevice will serve as the new home for a bed bug that has invaded your house. We have found bed bugs and their eggs tucked in between cracks in the wall and floorboards, along the edges of frames, under furniture, and even behind electrical outlets. So long as they are in reach of their prey of humans, bed bugs are content.

Just because your home is clean, bed bugs will not be deterred. Our exterminators have found these stealthy critters hiding in even the most immaculate hotels, offices, and educational facilities. This is why we provide commercial pest eradication as well as home protection from bed bugs; it is the only way of keeping your property safe from their infestations.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Worried you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home? They can be a very nasty and uncomfortable problem to have. Bed bugs can be very sneaky, but it is not impossible to detect. Some of the most common signs your home has bed bugs are:

  • Odors - In many cases the earliest hint of a bed bug infestation is the smell. If your room has an unusual musty odor that doesn't seem to originate from something obvious like dirty laundry, it is an early warning sign of bed bugs.
  • Red, Itchy Bites - One very clear sign of a bed bug problem is waking up to bites. Bed bug bites are small, red and very itchy that seem to mysteriously appear at night. The most common parts of the body they appear are the arms, legs & hands.
  • Bloodstains - Have you noticed odd red or rust colored bloodstains on your bedsheets? After a bed bug has fed it enlarges in to a bloated form. If you toss and turn in your sleep and crush the bug it leaves a small bloodstain on your sheets.
  • Eggs - Pregnant bed bugs lay anywhere from 1 to 7 eggs per day. These eggs usually hatch within a week after that. Bed bug eggs are a millimeter long, pearly white, and ovular shaped. They almost resemble small grains of rice. They are very visible to the naked eye, but hard to recognize if you don't know what you're looking at.

If you've noticed any of these signs, don't hesitate to call the bed bug removal experts at Green Magic Pest Control LLC. We will efficiently take care of the problem put a stop to the infestation..

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The Benefits of Expert Bed Bugs Services

What happens if you find a bed bug or two in your house? Is it ever possible you could kill a couple here and there and be done? Unfortunately, it is never the case that there is just one bed bug, especially once it has laid eggs. Getting rid of these hardy creatures is almost impossible without professional services.

Some of the reasons you should think of calling our experts instead of trying to kill bed bugs yourself include:

  • Bed bugs are known to not only bite in the evening but at any time of the day
  • The painful itchiness of a bite does not begin immediately, only long after the bed bug has gone back into hiding
  • Washing clothes or furniture often does not remove bed bugs or their eggs
  • Chemical treatments for bed bugs are usually ineffective when sold over the counter

When you are suspicious that bed bugs might be lurking in your home, you must not waste any time. Take proactive steps by getting in touch with Green Magic Pest Control LLC. A female bed bug will often lay at least 500 eggs in the span of her life, so any delay could mean a larger infestation unless you get proper Chandler bed bug control.

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